Monthly Archives: October 2012

Orgasmic Thai Seafood Curry !!!!!!

Okay…”orgasmic” is the work that immediately sprang to my mind when experiencing this creation of Sherry’s.  Yet Sherry, herself, had noted back in 2009 that this was a dish so exquisite  she “wanted to breathe it”! C’est-la-vie, women are always going to describe the experience different to us blokes,  but I knew that I was […]

Bacon-wrapped stuffed rolled turkey breast – the perfect Christmas dish.

The days are growing shorter and the chill is setting in. Before we know it’ll be Christmas and here’s the perfect Christmas dish for 6-8 people and those not wanting a fridge crammed full with leftover turkey. Taking a turkey breast, stuffing it and rolling bacon around it and then serving it with a rich […]