Monthly Archives: June 2012

Javanese roast salmon with wilted spinach and basmati rice

  Once in a while a dish comes along that simply blows your socks off! This dish has a punchy,lingering, satisfying complexity of flavours that wows. You’ll be fighting over the remaining sauce… and licking the bowl. I have to admit to this being one of my all-time favourite salmon dishes. (Just make sure you […]

Saumon en papillote with Japanese noodles


Tequila-glazed chicken thighs with spinach & feta ancini de pepe

Tequila-tender,  sweet, sticky and succulent. This is a winner on the bbq.   Ingredients: 6 large chicken thighs – bone-in and skin-on (approx 2 pounds) 3/4 TBS whole coriander seeds 3/4 tsp coarse salt 2 tsp dried chili flakes 3 TBS of fresh orange juice 2 TBS tequila 1 TBS brown sugar 1 TBS honey […]

Chili-pepper-mint-glazed deboned leg of lamb with couscous

The bold, tantalising flavours of this dish will have you smacking your lips. And for lovers of lamb, the glaze has a sweet chili kick that perfectly compliments this bold flavourful meat.   Ingredients: 2 pounds of deboned leg of lamb (which is approximately 1/2 a deboned leg) butterflied out so that no portion of […]