Monthly Archives: January 2012

Indo-Thai Fusion Fulfilled


Bengali Salmon with Saffron Rice

  Can you see the tiger in that pan? Look at those colours…the gold and black hiding behind the green cilantro like a gorgeous tiger prowling in the long grass…. … No? Don’t see it? That’s okay. I’ve just had the benefit of an out-of-this-world experience with this dish. You, too, can have the experience […]

“Last-Supper” Chicken Cauli-nary Climax

The title might seem a little over the top…but, when you’ve tried this dish, we think you’ll agree that the taste explosions that somersault in your mouth are utterly exquisite. This dish has the best of all worlds – it pops, it sings, it yins, it yangs, and it caresses you. You’ll beg for more. […]