Monthly Archives: December 2011

Mali pork/chicken curry

Guaranteed to satisfy your peanut-lust, this is a delicious well-rounded Mali curry that sings. The flavours reminded me of an amazing fish dish at Mo’s Better Noodles on Florida Road in Durban South Africa. This dish was made with pork which, with it’s chewy texture, keeps the flavours lingering longer. But chicken, especially thigh, will […]

Beef & Lentil creamed Curry

The beef curry a few posts back was so good I begged Sherry for it again. But, of course, Sherry is always one to experiment and perfect. I can’t say it wins over the classic beef curry posted before but the cream in this version does neutralize any possible tartness the tomatoes might contribute. There […]

Heart-warming Salmon Chowder

Seven years spent on Vancouver Island in Canada gave Sherry time to perfect her chowder…a dish we hadn’t really experienced much of in warm South Africa, but one that is revered in North America. There’s a great little place called Sam’s Deli on Government Street down near Victoria’s  gorgeous harbour on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. […]

Catalan Fish Stew

With the days shortening and the nights getting colder on the Costa Brava, this spicy stew had us licking the bowl! The Costa Brava is Dali country. Don’t know if this stew would have had Salvador Dali’s wild moustache twitching with delight but it’s the best I’ve ever had! Ingredients: 3 Shallots, finely chopped 3  […]