Monthly Archives: September 2011

Green Thai Sweet Potato & Chicken Curry

This dish would be as sensational for vegetarians simply by omitting the chicken. Hmmm…not sure how veggie-heads would deal with the fish and oyster sauce though. Oh well, I guess it depends on the vegetarian. The sweet potato or yam isĀ  essential to this dish because of the way it soaks up the delightful Thai […]

Sublime Seafood Serenade

        I’ve been searching for the perfect white fish dish for a long time, yearning for a mix of herbs and spices to tantalise the tongue but still allow the delicate flavour of white fish or shellfish to stand out. I believe Sherry finally created that perfect serenading sauce. The dish here […]

Seabelle Prawn Curry

When I was a student one of my favourite budget eateries was an Indian restaurant on Durban (South Africa’s) North Coast, called the Seabelle. Groups of us would descend on the place and, without exception, order one dish – the curried prawns. You could have them “mild”, “hot”, “very hot” and “volcanic”. The latter was […]

Lee’s Sesame-seed Tuna with Wasabi-Cilantro Sauce

Here’s a delightfully refreshing and mouthwatering Thai-inspired dish that’ll pop your taste buds with each mouthful.   Ingredients: 2 pieces of the freshest tuna fillets you can find For the fish: Sesame seeds (enough to coat the fish on both sides) 2 TBS extra virgin olive oil For the sauce: 8 TBS (a stick of) […]

Bassar Masala Seafood Curry

This is a really good well-rounded flavourful curry, the basis of which is the well-balanced Bassar Masala curry powder.   Ingredients: 800g mixed seafood (with a bias toward fish) 1x Jar of pasta sauce 2x big cloves of garlic, chopped 1x Thumb of ginger, grated 1x heaped tsp dried ground coriander (a 1/4 cup of […]

Skin-tilating Coriander-chili Chicken

  Each time we have this extraordinarily yummy dish, we get so caught up with the sensuous aromas wafting off the barbecue that we forget to take a photo. It’s a wonderfully-rounded, warming chili-flavoured bird that’ll have you licking your fingers afterwards. We barbecue it spatchcocked (or “flatty” as we used to call it in […]