Monthly Archives: July 2011

Duck Breast l’orange with an Asian twist

  This is duck breast like you’ve never had it – your tastebuds will erupt like New Year’s Eve fireworks. So juicy, so zesty, so bold…definitely not boring!   Because we’re in France’s Perigord region at the moment it seemed only appropriate to enjoy something the region is famous for…the famous Perigordine duck breasts. Over […]

Thai Green Chicken Curry

This is my favourite Green Thai Curry ever. It has a delightful complex sweetness to it.   Ingredients: 1 TBS peanut oil 1 large red onion 1 medium green pepper 1 TBS grated fresh ginger 4 garlic cloves, crushed 1 TBS chopped lemongrass (this time it was from a jar because you can’t always get […]

The beginning of something spicy.

It all started in Australia when my better half and I developed a love of Australian cuisine. With their geographic location so close to the exotic east, Australians have, for years, embraced the spicy and exotic dishes of Thai, Indonesian, Indian and other neighbouring civilisations and even taken them to higher levels… a food and […]